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Wispy Arbutus, Glass Window

During a recent upgrade for water penetration issues the client decided to relocate this piece into a new custom-made interior door showing that the work can be re-purposed.

The clients found that the siting of their neighbours new home created a privacy challenge. Rather than cover the window with blinds or curtains they wanted us to design a work that reflected their views from this window before the neighbours home became to dominant view.

This was the second piece commissioned by these clients. We also created the chart of the inside passage for an interior door feature work. 

Kelly Backs at Tree Blacksmith Studio in Roberts Creek designed the delicate metal frame that adorns and secures the glass arbutus that we cast for our client. Look closely – do you see the root structures in the metal? How about the glass ripples in the ocean and the gestural arbutus in the foreground? This stands as yet another example of what is possible when different craftspeople come together to make a strong statement piece.

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