Glass Canadian Flag

Anthony Jamieson Designs began as a collaboration between two established glass artists, Michael Crovato and Bill Jamieson. Alongside apprentice AJ Kutchaw, we design and create original architectural glass features for residential and commercial clients. Much thanks to our most recent apprentice, Jane Schneider, for her contributions to AJDS.

From our earliest recollections, we have been fascinated by the play of light. We enjoy pushing the limits of what is possible technically with glass. The alchemy of heat, movement and timing combined with serendipity and technical precision must come together to achieve a fully realized, finished work. Sometimes what seems a “mistake” often becomes a new direction of work as well as an unrealized success. We strive to create work that engages other people and which continually challenges and reflects our perceptions of the world around us.

Our team from left to right: Bill Jamieson, Michael Crovato, and AJ Kutchaw

Our studio has over 30 years of experience learning and exploring new glass forming techniques. Creating architectural glass, using sand casting in the kiln, affords us an opportunity to create something beautiful and lasting for many to enjoy.


Our work may be used for interior and exterior doors and windows, partition or feature screens, shower walls and doors, railings and balustrades. All of our work meets building code requirements.

Collaborating with other artists and craftspeople to create work gives us the opportunity to create something truly unique. We often work with First Nations artists to cast their beautiful designs in glass.