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All commissions start with a sketch. After meeting our client, viewing the site, and getting inspired, we begin to sketch out our preliminary ideas.


Eventually we settle on one design and the image is then drawn life size.

Master Drawing
Ceramic Fiber

The full size drawing gets transferred onto our mold-making material, which is then cut out and shaped.

The glass is cast in a kiln on a bed of smooth sand. Sometimes we work with the sand to create textures and patterns.

Ceramic Fiber

The mold and glass are then carefully placed onto the prepared bed of sand.

Mould with Glass
View from Porthole

The glass is then fired to a temperature of between 1445 and 1495 degrees F. this allows the glass to slowly slump pushing the fibre mold materials into the glass, while allowing the glass to take on the detail of the sand bed.

After the glass has cooled slowly it is ready to be removed from the kiln.

The glass is then cleaned, sent off to be tempered and is ready for installation!

Installing the Glass
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