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Transition Entryway

This project really challenged my construction and installation skills as well as our design skills.


The clients new home in South Langley was crafted by Pioneer Log Homes and was featured in the television show “Timber Kings”.


The entry was framed with the massive cedar posts. The idea was to integrate the door frame seamlessly into the posts. This was much easier to design than to install! None of the standard door companies wanted anything to do with this project. I explained what we were envisaging to Kevin and Mark at Calibre Doors and Millwork in Sidney. You will see their names come up time and again. I have never yet been disappointed in work supplied by this custom Millwork shop. As always, Calibre delivered the custom beautiful frames to hold our glass sealed units. Kudos to …….for the very fine job creating the receiving channels in the cedar posts to accept our doors and glass. 


If you look closely you will notice the two large side panels were crafted to create the image of mature cedar trees. The molds for these were completely carved by hand including the bark and cedar frond details. The other challenge was to maintain clear areas for viewing through the glass for the two door panels. You will also notice the sandblasted eagle in the upper left door panel.

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