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Heron and Salmon Gate – Designed by Keith Kerrigan

I love it when we engage so closely with our clients that we will often be thinking the same thing at the same time. This project was a perfect example of this in action.


The project involved replacing the existing wrought iron security gate antique Chinese door which led to the beautifully designed serenity garden As we started talking about what the design look like the idea of creating a First Nations feature took shape. The Kent and I both mentioned the name Keith Kerrigan at the same time. Keith is a Haida artist and we had collaborated with him on other projects. Keith primarily designs and makes jewelry. He also carves and draws and paints.  The client had commissioned Keith to create custom designed jewelry. We Called upon our friends at Pacific Coast Metalcraft to help design the entry gate system. The colours chosen were done in consultation with Keith. Jon and Clayton came out to the site and looked after the installation. 


This project was a great example of our attitudes towards collaboration and designing work in consultation with our clients. 

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