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Star Trails Shower Panel

Most of our projects take us on a journey where the end result is the development of friendships between ourselves and our clients. Sometimes the situation is reversed, and we create work for friends. 


We met these friends while we were hiking the arduous North Coast Trail at the top end of Vancouver Island. The clients live in Calgary and the outdoors and especially the Rockies play a huge role in these peoples lives. They also made their first connection winter camping on a starry night in the Rockies. The challenge was to capture the feeling of the majesty of the Rocky Mountains with the sweeping vista of the stars, captured as if taken as a time lapse photograph. The image is reflected perfectly while fore shortened in the lake below the horizon line. This project was connected to a piece of clear tempered glass as a shower in the clients ensuite bathroom, masterfully installed by glazing contractor, AC Glass of Calgary.

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