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Cedar Water Feature Panels

We met these clients at Circle Craft’s Christmas Market. The clients approached us to see if we would be interested in creating the panels for a custom water feature for their home in whistler. The clients had contracted with a custom water feature company and were searching for something which enhanced the beauty of the home and the stone wall while reflecting the environment where the home it sited. Very quickly it became apparent that the contractor wasn’t up to the task of designing or creating this work and we were approached to take over the whole project from concept through to completion. We brought our friend Ramon Farmer from Associated Sheet Metal in Saanich into the project and together we designed how this would look. Ramon and Jon travelled up to Whistler with Michael and I to install the unit.


If you look to the ceiling, you will notice the panel covers. The floor framing above had to be modified and a moisture proof environment needed to be created to eliminate the possibility of mold and decay setting into the framing.


This project also required us to lease another glass artists studio to cast the panels. These panels were ten feet tall; much larger than our kiln could accommodate. We rented the studio for a week, dismantled our kiln and transported all our necessary equipment to the Sunshine Coast where we set up our process in Barbie, Robert Studer’s very large glass kiln. It was a real treat spending time with Rob, one of Canada’s most talented glass artists and having the opportunity to use his amazing studio as our own for this project.


Once these panels were cast, we needed to waterjet cut the edges off to leave just the impression of the cedar. This is always a nerve-wracking stage of the process as the glass can break while it is being sliced with the stream of high pressure garnet and water.

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